States of Consciousness

Master Your States of Consciousness
Overcome Stress, Anxiety, and Even Procrastination in Minutes!

In just one morning you will learn how to―

  • Relax at will—even in the middle of a stressful confrontation
  • Reduce and even eliminate anxiety, and depression
  • Enter a powerful, positive, “get things done now” state of mind any time you like—and say “goodbye” to procrastination


Imagine you’re at a party and see the man or woman of your dreams on the other side of the room.

Do you―

  • casually wander over and start a conversation?
  • or freeze up and head to the bar to get another drink?

If you turn into a “wallflower,” by the end of this workshop you’ll be amazed how easily you can change your emotional state―and find out whether he or she lives up to your first impression.

Or: how do you feel when your boss suddenly demands you come to his office right now.

Worried? Nervous? Anxious? Fearful?

Chances are, even if your boss just wants an urgent task done yesterday, he won’t be too impressed if you’re freaking out.

What if you could enter a powerful, “I’m ready to handle anything state” in just moments―even if you’re about to be fired?

You can. How to do that is just one of the many techniques you’ll learn in Master Your States of Consciousness.

I’m Mark Tier. I’ll be 70 next month so I figure that whatever you throw at me I bet I’ve been there, done that―and overcome it.

I’ve been around the block a few times, if you know what I mean.

I’m probably best known as an author and investment adviser. But I’ve had a good and busy life, and also been a coach, counsellor, and an NLP Master Practitioner (NLP being short for “Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Or, to cut out the jargon, Applied Psychology).

To show you how you can Overcome Stress, Anxiety, and Even Procrastination in Minutes I’ll combine techniques from NLP and other schools of psychology―and even Indian meditation―into simple, easy-to-remember practices you can use any time, place, or situation you like. For example―

  • You’ll learn how regular meditation can put you into a more relaxed and commanding state of mind all day, every day
  • How to lift yourself out of a state of depression―even when your girlfriend or boyfriend has just told you to get lost
  • A powerful process that will help you overcome deep-seated anxieties like a dread of snakes or spiders, fear of flying―and the sense of terror that affects many people when they have to stand up in front of an audience!
  • Two processes that will put you into a deep, fully-relaxed state almost instantly
  • Three techniques to deal with difficult people—and even turn them into your allies!

If you’d like to attend the next Mastering Your States of Consciousness workshop, just email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Hope to see you there!

Best regards,

Mark Tier