Our Speakers

Boyet Medina

Boyet Medina is the Managing Partner of the renowned Manila law firm, Solis Medina Limpingco & Fajardo. He has guided clients from both the Philippines and many other countries through the set-up, compliance, tax, and other requirements of doing business in the Philippines. An experienced speaker, Boyet has the unusual ability of making dry legal topics like tax, family, and inheritance law interesting and fun.

Chuck de Castro

Chuck de Castro graduated with a degree in Finance and has an MBA from the Asian Institute of Management. He has worked in the financial investment industry for 18 years. He is currently the Managing Editor of two investment newsletters with worldwide circulation. A renowned “speculator”, he has been investing in the stock market for over 20 years. His favorite topic is How to find hidden gems in the Stock Market.

Raquel Narca

Raquel is a graduate of the University of the Philippines, kindergarten teacher and storytelling master. Through Learnium she will be offering Stories for Kids

Robert W. Czeschin

Robert Czeschin is editor of the Oil & Energy Investment Report, and author of Oil, War & Financial Upheaval, a book that went through seven 7 printings and traced oil’s connection to wars, revolutions, and financial crises. One stock recommended went from $14 to $73; a second from $14 to $87.

He warned that George Bush’s invasion would double oil prices. Oil went from $27 to the then undreamt of level of $140. When he advised his subscribers to bag profits and showed them how to profit from falling prices.

Now, even though the price of oil is in the doldrums, Czeschin warns of another oil spike.

Ronalene Cayanan-Reuta

Rona graduated from the University of the Philippines- Diliman with a degree in Elementary Education major in Special Education. She has over 8 years experience teaching children as young as 1.5 years old to young adults from all over the world and all else in between. An experienced teacher, she desires to spread the reading fever through her workshop “Reading a Life Skill.” Having trained hundreds of foreigners to speak Tagalog fluently in just three weeks, she will also be presenting “How to Sound Like a Native Tagalog Speaker in Less than 3 Hours.”

Jericha Quinte

Ecka is a graduate of University of the Philippines, a primary public school teacher, and a Japanese language teacher. She is a calligraphist that makes artful and inspirational classroom for her students. Ecka is a content developer of MathTek K-6 Series, and co-author of the grade 3 level MathTek worktext.

Tim Staermose

Tim Staermose has worked in Asian financial centers—Seoul, Manila, and Hong Kong—for over 21 years. A dedicated value investor, he is the editor of the investment newsletter, The 4th Pillar, a hedge fund manager whose hobby is investing in rare wines. His favorite topics include How to Unearth Great Investment Bargains and The Arbitrage Strategy: The Low Risk Way to Beat the Market.

Jerome Summers

Jerome was born and raised in a large extended family in Evanston, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago. Today, he still lives in the neighborhood where his family has lived for over one hundred years. An experienced coach, Jerome’s mission is to teach people how to lift themselves out of poverty by their own bootstraps. Part of that mission is his workshop, How to Get a Job When No One Wants to Hire You.

Mark Tier

Mark Tier, an Australian based in Hong Kong, is NLP Master Practitioner, and the author of The Winning Investment Habits. He will be presenting The Habit of Wealth and How To Overcome Anxiety, Stress, Fear―and even Procrastination.

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