Robert Czeschin

Robert W. Czeschin

Hong Kong

Robert Czeschin is editor of the Oil & Energy Investment Report, and author of Oil, War & Financial Upheaval, a book that went through seven 7 printings and traced oil’s connection to wars, revolutions, and financial crises. One stock recommended went from $14 to $73; a second from $14 to $87.

When the Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing sent stock markets plunging across Asia, he urged readers to buy the shares of a little-known Asian power-plant builder at HK$1.71. Over the next 4 years, the stock went to HK$10.10 — up 489%.

Czeschin warned that George Bush’s invasion and occupation of Iraq would be a disaster, and turn Iraq into a vassal state of Iran. Before anyone had ever heard of Al Qaeda or Osama bin Laden, he said the destruction of Iraq would ignite an unprecedented wave of terrorism, damaging US interests around the world.

He also said the invasion would double oil prices. Oil went from $27 to $60. Later, he warned depletion of the world’s conventional oilfields would drive oil prices to the then undreamt of level of $100, and beyond.

Oil prices eventually went to $140, and he told readers to bag profits and buy options that gain from falling prices. 9 of 10 made money with profits of 76%, 119%, and 145%.

Now, Czeschin warns of another oil spike.

Oil companies around the world carved a whopping $1 trillion out of their exploration budgets to survive the recent bear market in oil. And new petroleum discoveries have fallen to levels not seen since Harry Truman was in the White House. More and more oil companies cannot replace the oil they pump out every year.

Meanwhile, cheap motor fuel continues to goose global consumption. This is setting the stage for an epic head-on collision between robust demand and dwindling supply. The world has not seen the last of $100 oil.