Adopt the Habit of Wealth

Adopt the Habit of Wealth
The Mental Attitude
That Will Make—and
KEEP—You Rich

And Turn Your Life Around

You’ll walk out of this half-day, interactive workshop as a “Master of Money,” fully prepared to turn your financial life around—and ride your own personal “Road to Riches”

What separates the rich from the poor and the middle class is not money in the bank but a mental attitude: The Habit of Wealth.

That’s why people like Henry Sy, founder of SM and the wealthiest person in the Philippines, can rise from poverty to riches by their own bootstraps.

Even when Mr. Sy didn’t have two pesos to rub together, he practiced The Habit of Wealth: the mental attitude that can make—and KEEP—you rich.

Without “the habit of wealth” no matter how successful you might be in your career, in business, or if you simply win the lottery, you’ll inevitably go broke.

Which is what happened to world champion Filipino boxers, Luisito Espinosa and Rolando Navarrete, who won title fights in the ’80s and ’90s with million-peso pay-offs—and lost it all.

Don’t let that happen to you!

It Almost Happened to Me

I’m Mark Tier, and my own life mirrors the journey you’ll experience in The Habit of Wealth.

From a family where money was always tight, I achieved financial independence when, way back in 1974, I founded a small business, publishing an investment newsletter titled World Money Analyst.

Mark Tier
Mark Tier, an Australian based in Hong Kong, is an entrepreneur, former investment advisor, and best-selling author of The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffett & George Soros

As sales grew the money rolled in—and I joined that elite group of “investment gurus.”

But my apparent wealth was an illusion: for over 20 years I lived on a financial knife-edge as fistfuls of dollars went out the door almost as fast (and sometimes faster) than they came in.

My problem wasn’t a lack of knowledge.

The problem was me.

My own mental habits.

How many times have you heard someone say or said yourself—

“Yesterday was payday and now I’m broke already!”

That used to be me.

No matter how much money came through the door, my bank account was still 10 feet underwater.

Until I discovered The Habit of Wealth.

The result: Every morning, I can now choose to do whatever I like. No more punching a clock, spending ages in “rush” hour traffic that hardly moves—and I don’t have to worry about paying the rent or putting food on the table, either.

Wouldn’t you like to have a life like that?

If I can do it, so can you.

Are you a Spender, a Maker, or a Keeper?

You see, what’s crucially important is your Money Personality: are you a Spender, a Maker, or a Keeper?

Everybody knows how to spend money. None of us need lessons in how to do that!

Quite a few people know how to make money.

But not everybody who knows how to make money knows how to keep it.

I used to be a Maker—but not a Keeper.

Michael Jackson: a Maker but not a Keeper

Michael Jackson’s lifetime earnings: over $500 million.

But he died with $400 million in unpaid debts!

Okay, you’re not Michael Jackson (and nor am I). So it’s unlikely either of us are ever going to see that much money in our lifetimes.
But wait a minute—

What if you win the lottery?

You could walk away with ₱33 million (April 2016), ₱274 million (June 2015)—or even beat the record prize of ₱741 million (April 2014).

Then, all your troubles would be over, right?


Research proves that 3 out of 4 lottery winners are bankrupt within 5 years.

Not just broke, but worse off than they were before they won the lottery.

Roger Griffiths won £2 million
(that’s ₱125½ million!)
in Britain’s National Lottery in 2003

Ten years later had just £7 (₱440) to his name.
₱125½ million to just ₱440 in just 10 years!
It’s easier than you think

How can that be possible?

You should know the answer by now: they did not have the Habit of Wealth.

It doesn’t matter whether your bank account is empty or you’ve just inherited a zillion pesos from a rich uncle you didn’t know you had. If you haven’t grasped the habit of wealth, you’re not going to stay rich.

Some people like to point out you can’t take your money with you when you die.

That’s just an excuse for doing nothing. And a poor one at that.

By all means, die broke.

But until then, live rich!

Change Your Mind: Change Your Life

The core of The Habit of Wealth is simple to understand. So simple that everybody can get it immediately.

So why isn’t everyone rich?

Because most people have the mental attitudes of the poor or middle class—and the associated beliefs and emotional reactions about money that keep them in a permanent state of financial insecurity.

In the Habit of Wealth you’ll learn exactly what money is, the right way to handle it, and—most importantly of all—you’ll master all the tools you need to change your subconscious emotional reactions to money.

And far more! You will also—

  • Discover your “money personality”—and how it may be keeping you from achieving financial freedom
  • Confront the emotional hang-ups that are keeping you from practicing The Habit of Wealth—and learn how to overcome them
  • Find out how to resist the money drains that are keeping you poor (without offending anyone important in your life!)
  • Learn the “3 rules of money” you never learnt at school or college—even if you have a Ph.D. in economics or business!
  • Master 3 stress-relievers you can apply any time—even in the middle of a difficult meeting with your boss!—which won’t cost you a single centavo
  • Grasp the truth about money: how and why it’s the very opposite of “the root of all evil”
  • Learn 5 “mini-habits” you can adopt effortlessly that will help build your very own foundation of wealth . . .
  • and the 2 simple strategies that let you sit back and watch your money grow!

Changing your mental habits is not always easy. It took me a long time to figure out how to do it.

On my own.

But I’ve done the hard work for you so you can walk out of this half-day workshop already on the road to financial security, armed with all the tools you need to put The Habit of Wealth into immediate effect. Including a backup system to keep you on the right track—even years after the workshop itself.

It’s a Family Affair

The Habit of Wealth workshop uses “accelerated learning” techniques—which means you’ll be learning painlessly by having fun!

So bring the kids! You’re never too young to adopt The Habit of Wealth. The sooner you do, the more years you’ll be able to watch your money grow.

That’s why both Henry Sy and the American billionaire, Warren Buffett, are far richer today than their nearest counterparts: they both started executing “the habit of wealth” while their friends were busy throwing basketballs and chasing girls.

Profitably yours,

Mark Tier

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