About Us

Those who keep on learning will never stop growing.

At Learnium, we believe that lifelong learning is essential to a person’s well-being and happiness and that the best way to empower people is to provide them with opportunities to learn. Our commitment is to bring these opportunities closer to you. With a multitude of speakers expert on a wide array of topics, we hope to deliver workshops that are timely, relevant and life-changing.

What Makes Us Unique

Learnium Events Services was founded by teachers who are strongly committed to learning and teaching. They and their speakers have firsthand experience about the topics they are passionate about.

Who We Are

Learnium Events Services is developed by four teachers from the University of the Philippines to import the world’s latest learning technologies and export Filipino innovations to the rest of the world.

We are currently in the start up phase, assembling a roster of world renowned speakers and life changing programs, if you’d like to learn more and stay connected, sign up below.